Battlefield 1 Price For Rental Server Revealed

EA has just revealed its Battlefield 1 price for rental server. These include all platforms, namely on PC, XBox One, and PlayStation 4. The reveal comes along with the announcement that they will handle the process directly instead of channeling it to third-party companies.

EA said that the reasoning behind the decision is pretty simple, which players will definitely agree. The game developer said that because the servers are run by the same company, players will have the same gameplay experience no matter what platform they are using. However, fans are quick to notice that EA did not mention the Battlefield 1 price for rental server when they made that announcement.

That has been the subject of many forums but EA and DICE were also quick to notice and not soon long enough, they posted the prices for the Battlefield 1 server rentals. The announcement also said that Battlefield 1 PC owners should expect to 'stump up' more once the program starts rolling out next month.

For those who are Battlefield 1 PC owners, the prices are as follows according to how many days they want the game: 1 day - $2.99, 7 days - $11.99, 30 days- $42.99, 90 days- $99.99, and 180 days - $149.99.

Meanwhile, PS4 and XBox One players have these prices for their Battlefield 1 rental server: 1 day - $1.99, 7 days - $7.99, 30 days - $26.99, 90 days: $64 -99, and 180 days -$99.99

There is one thing that Battlefield 1 players should keep in mind if they decide to subscribe to this program and that is they won't be able to kick out or ban players who are in their servers. According to the EA blog, "One of the top requested features if [sic] the Kick/Ban feature. We hear you and are working on rolling that out after the launch of the [Rental Server Program]."

In addition to this information, there is also not much about what other features to expect and not to expect. The pricing given for Battlefield 1 rental server might also be different in other areas.

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