Battlefield 1 Insider Tips To Get And Use The Best Weapons

Battlefield 1, compared to its predecessors, has made some drastic changes on customization, shooting aspects, classes, and other parts of the game. Those who have played the previous Battlefield games will find these changes and might take some time to adjust to the new addition of the series. For those who are still finding their way through the game, here are some Battlefield 1 insider tips to get and use the best weapons.

First of all, Battlefield 1 modeled its weapon unlocking system from its predecessors, which means you'll be able to acquire new weapons as you rank up but that doesn't mean you can utilize them immediately. Every time you reach a new level, you can buy a new weapon using the in-game currency of Battlefield 1 which is called Warbond. Your currency is, of course, limited so you have to discern which weapons to buy and which ones you have to pass up.

Next thing to remember is that each weapon type has their own variants that can change the characteristic of the weapon. For example, some variants improve the weapon's hip accuracy while others can be equipped with scopes to give you more accuracy when you hit targets from a long distance. Therefore, you should always check the weapon you have and the one you want to unlock before buying so it won't be a waste of money.

Regarding LMGs and SMGs, LMGs in Battlefield 1 have new mechanics: they are inaccurate at first but their accuracy gets better with time as you keep on using them. For this type of weapons, it is advisable not to use hip fire and tap fire because it can waste some precious bullets and re-sets the accuracy of the weapon respectively. Meanwhile, SMGs in Battlefield 1 are the best weapons when fighting at close quarters. So if you want a clean kill at someone nearby, pull out one of your SMGs and fire away.

Lastly, here's another first in the Battlefield series, you can adjust the direction of the kick by choosing middle, right, or left. This is very easy, if you want it to lean on the right, then pull more towards the right.

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