What's Good About PS4 Pro Not Being The Next Gen And Why Developers Should Be Thankful About It

The PlayStation 4 Pro is not the next generation console but rather called mid-gen. It's deemed that way because there is no full 'jump' from one console spec to a totally different one, it is still the same PlayStation 4 but with a boost on processing power particularly targeting 4K resolution and better calculations.

According to an article at GamaSutra.com, Mark Cerny - system architect for the PS4 Pro, said that the device is a powerful restatement of Sony's upfront console. It should not be described as a next generation gaming system, Cerny adds. He also highlighted in an interview that developers should be grateful that the PS4 Pro did not reset its already established hierarchy via system overhaul. Not being an entirely new system means that it will be less chaotic to develop and at the same time gives an opportunity to boost game performance because of the improved hardware. The said article also has a link to the full interview.

To serve as an example, the PlayStation in 1994 gave developers a very hard time to make games for as the system was entirely new at the time. Ultimately everyone made it work and it was rewarding for both developers and players. Cerny also added that it gave tons of learnings for development teams. During the steep learning curve, he could see by just looking around that 25% of the people making the games had to find some other careers because the new technology and its tools are so unfamiliar.

Mark Cerny joined the gaming industry at a young age of 17 working for Atari in 1982. His first major success was Marble Madness, which he did at the age of 18. He worked with Sega and produced his milestone there with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He then became a partners with Sony in 1996.

What do you think about Cerny's thoughts on why the PS4 Pro not being a next gen console is actually a good thing? Do you also agree that developers should be thankful it isn't a totally new system? Hit us with your thoughts via the comments section below.

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