Overwatch Update: Torbjorn And Symmetra Significant Changes Coming Very Soon

In its discussion about hero balancing on Overwatch in a forum, Blizzard has disclosed some exciting details involving the characters that fans should look forward to. Jeff Kaplan has expressed that while Torbjorn and Symmetra have been two understated characters, significant changes will come very soon.

Significant Game Changes For Torbjorn And Symmetra

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan dished on a forum about the future of the game, particularly of the characters pigeon-holed as "troll picks". Kaplan admitted Torbjorn and Symmetra are two understated characters. To pull them away from that stigma, Kaplan vowed to put significant changes on these characters with regard to playstyle and "make sure they are not infuriating to play against."

Future Tweaks And Improvements

As many would know it, a good number of Overwatch players have deemed Torbjorn and Symmetra as pointless and uninteresting heroes with their viability in question. As far as Kaplan is concerned, he stated outright that it will not be easy for the dev to make changes on these characters primarily due to mutually conflicting and dependent conditions. It may seem impossible as of now but the director vowed to make all the best his team can provide, especially the necessary tweaks and improvements, not only on Torbjorn and Symmetra but all other heroes as well.

Torbjorn And Symmetra Playstyle

Torbjorn, a Defense hero, is known as an extraordinary weapons designer who can build and upgrade turrets as fast as he can. Not to mention his ability to produce them with enough power to defend against opponents. On the other hand, Symmetra, a Support hero, is known for her light-refracting Photon Projector as a weapon to keep tabs on opponents, build teleportation mats, protect her allies and take down Sentry Turrets. Just last week, Blizzard conducted Overwatch public test realm for eight heroes. Only Torborjn was included.

Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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