Suspicious Death Of UFO Expert Leaves Fiancé And Kin Baffled, Eyes Foul Play

Days before the death of Max Spiers, the British UFO Expert and conspiracy theorist, he managed to send text messages to his mother. He prompted her to investigate if anything ever happens to him.

Max Spiers was desperate to go home and repeatedly told his mom and fiancé that his life was in imminent danger. Witnesses said that he vomited black liquid before succumbing to death. He was pronounced dead due to natural causes but his mom and fiancé thought it was otherwise. His fiancé, Sarah Adams spoke on an interview reiterating that Max is being held against his will. He even asked his companions to take him to the hospital but they would not do so. Max is a father of two. He died before giving stern warnings of how his situation was in Warsaw, Poland.

In an interview of Max's fiancé by MailOnline, Miss Sarah Adams told reporters that Max was terrified and wanted to leave the country as soon as he can. He further stated of his involvement with an occult that's been bothering him and that he wanted to go home. Sarah was also suspecting that he was going to expose the black magic ring that he was uttering in his texts before he died.

Max was found in a sofa in an apartment of a woman that she had known not so long. His friend, Miles Johnson told Project Camelot that it was not normal of someone taking usual medication, that black fluid would be vomited from his mouth, "sounds absurd", he said.

Mrs. Vanessa Bates told reporters that she was not going to give up easily on how her son's death is being handled. She said that Max must have gone into investigating in uncharted territory and must have peaked into something critical that somebody wanted him dethatad. She said that she will fight until she finds out the truth about her son's untimely death.

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