Battlefield 1 Guide: Top 4 Worst Players You Don't Want In Your Team

Despite the criticisms Battlefield 1 has received, the game is no doubt one of the best war multiplayer games in game history. The vastness of its map, the gameplay, and all the elements of the game have made the wait all worthwhile. And speaking of multiplayer gameplay, it has given players a much richer experience because it allows them to collaborate with each other. However, Battlefield 1 is not short of "a**hole" players who make the game hell. Here are four kinds of those players whom you should try your best to avoid playing with.

The Medic who doesn't heal

Everyone knows what a Medic's role is and that is to heal or provide medical assistance to their wounded teammates. However, there have been a number of times when a medic does nothing to save their fallen comrades. So for those who have taken the role of a medic, make sure you know your role and focus on preserving the health of your comrades. It is not what you have to do throughout the whole gameplay of course but it helps a lot if you are aware of whose wounded.

The squad leader who doesn't know how to give orders

A squad leader makes sure that his teammates know what to do by giving orders to mark the objective. This can be done by holding RB/R1 to go to the order tab on the cog wheel before choosing an objective. Orders give your teammate a clear objective that they have to reach this point. Moreover, it gives them 100 XP more when they follow the order regardless of the outcome. There are times when players join a team where leaders don't give an order. When this happens, some of the things you can do are ask the leader to give you an order and tell him how to do this in case he doesn't know how, send the order option as a spam so he knows he needs to give orders, or you can just leave and join another team.

Pilots who cannot fly planes

It's so nice and cool to be a pilot and join an airstrike to annihilate the enemies on the ground below. However, if you don't know how to fly a plane, leave the job to more experienced Battlefield 1 players. That way, it could be a big help to the squad rather than a frustration. If you really want to know how to fly a plane, create a private match and learn how to maneuver a plane.

A squad with 4 assaults and no medic

Real war is bloody so you need to maintain as much balance in your team. That means having all the positions filled before going to battle. Nothing is worse than a squad filled with assault and no medic at all. Imagine what would happen if you are in a real-world situation.

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