Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes Complete Guide On Zombie Tricks, Heroes, Gameplay

Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes hit this week for iOS as well as Android users. Apparently, the new mobile game is reportedly the number one game this week. The game is said to bring a new twist to the Plants Vs. Zombies installment with players now able to control zombie heroes as well as plants.

Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes developer Popcap has reportedly been praised for a profound explanation of the game's mechanics in the tutorial. In the card collecting game, the zombie player's currency will either be elixir or brains while plants still live on suns. The player gets an additional sun or brain from each round.

Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes zombies may lay their cards first and can play tricks after the plant lays its cards. The zombie tricks can transfer a zombie to another lane or make it deadly. The zombie powers and tricks cost one elixir to deploy but is reportedly best used mid to late gameplay or when there are no other options.

On the other hand, plant powers are said to be like zombie tricks that can remove him from the field. Additionally, there are Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes cards that can do more than one thing at once like a Spineapple or a Threepeater. It should be noted that cards with a higher health or hit point is best laid out first.

Meanwhile, the first Zombie hero in Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes is said to be Super Brainz. It should be noted that an aggro style pirate and science zombies deck called Deadly Pirates offers skills like Gravestone and Deadly. Additionally, science zombie cards with bonus attacks like Gadget Scientist and Electrician are included.

Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes also has an imp-build deck card called the Imps Do More Bonus Attacks!!!!!!! meant to wipe out the tankiest plants. Additionally, the Imps will get the Deadly Skill when Toxic Waste Imp enters the game. Midway through the game, Zombot Sharktronic Sub is also set to clear the field. Watch the WORLDWIDE RELEASE! - Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 103 (iOS, Android)

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