Overwatch Latest News: Sombra ARG Message In Mayan Calendar Decoded; Season 3 Competitive Play Modified

Overwatch hacker Sombra has been working hard to reveal the corruption behind the Mexican tech company Lumerico set in the game's domain. Now, following a week of silence, reports indicate that the omnics page on the website of Lumerico had been changed. Mayan text reportedly appeared, showing a set of words about animals, including Tzol'kin.

The Mayan text uncovered by Sombra was noticed on Tuesday at 7 p.m. EDT, and the animals reportedly corresponded with the numbers on the Mayan calendar. When further decoded, the sequence said, EXECUTEATTACK. A new message from Sombra was translated by Reddit user Ch4rles, which says that the emails have revealed the truth about Portero and that the revolt has begun in.

According to reports, the admin page does not seem to be doing anything at the moment. In fact, the Overwatch fans are still wondering what the command prompt is doing on the admin page. Reports also suggest that Sombra has posted another message on the Lumerico website's news page. The message was noted to have mentioned that the king Guillermo Potero invites his followers to join in his coronation and in celebration of his unlimited greed, including the  treason to the Mexican people.

The Overwatch community is now looking forward to seeing Sombra on Nov. 1, as the hacker is reported to reveal her face on that day. Meanwhile, the upcoming third season of the game's Competitive Play mode will soon begin, but will not work the same way the players have been used to. Reports claim that changes have been made to the off-season, including the way skill ratings are handled.

Principal designer Scott Mercer revealed that Blizzard is experiencing some difficulty, since it plans to have every season a fresh beginning. But according to Mercer, resetting the skill rating of everyone would mean throwing together the top-tier players and the lesser players, making a less-than-ideal game match for all the Overwatch players involved.

Overwatch may still have further changes, as Blizzard reportedly sees how things play out on the PTR, likely resetting the placement matches during the test. Meantime, the current PTR update has brought a huge amount of balance changes, however, not the large ones announced for Symmetra. Watch video about Sombra ARG Mayan Calendar Morse Code | Overwatch here:


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