NBC Denies Reprimanding ‘The Tonight Show’ Host Jimmy Fallon For ‘Out Of Control’ Boozing; Network Shots Down Other Vicious Rumors

Despite vicious rumors making rounds about Jimmy Fallon's "out of control" drinking, "The Tonight Show" host was his usual candid self when he reported for work on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Reports claimed that NBC already warned the host to address his drinking problem. However, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt denied these allegations stating that the network did not reprimand Fallon over his behavior or issued any kind of warning.

Jimmy Fallon's Drinking Out Of Control

Jimmy Fallon's comedic acts might not show it but the host is reportedly hooked on booze. In September, a very drunk Fallon was spotted in a punk bar. Fallon was reported to be dancing to '90s music and making people crack up. The details of this supposed night out are blurry since people from Fallon's camp claim that he was with his staff and they were out of the bar in less than an hour.

Fallon is known for having alcohol-related injuries like tripping, almost losing a finger and chipping a tooth. While Fallon's latest outing did not cause much damage, insider reports claim that NBC gave him a warning about his "out of control" boozing. The same source also claimed that despite being No. 1, Fallon is jealous of James Corden. "The Late Late Show" host is considered to be his main competition right now. Fallon may be on top of his game but he is apparently not handling things too well.

NBC Denies Reprimanding Fallon

NBC has been quick to defend Fallon from vicious rumors. Greenblatt expressed how proud he is of "The Tonight Show" adding that it was the "late-night leader in all metrics." He also denied any rumor claiming that the network is concerned over Fallon's behavior. Apparently, Fallon has the full backing of the network. His contract with NBC has been extended until 2021 and he is slated to host the Golden Globes in January. Meanwhile, Fallon looked unfazed amid these controversies and the funnyman continues to slay the audience with his comedic skits.

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