Clash Of Clans Update: 3 Things You Should Watch Out For

Clash of Clans has to upgrade its gameplay ever since Pokemon GO was launched globally. But Supercell is very determined to fight to stay on top. There are three updates that loyal players have to anticipate and they are army training, defense strategy upgrades and bomb tower.

These Three Future Clash Of Clans Will Be Big

There should be three more updates before this year from Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans. The players are happy with the succession of updates that will keep the game going and enhance the gameplay brought by the developer.

One of the three updates will bring Army Training to Clash of Clans. This will include four tabs. The first tab is the Train Troops. It allows players to form two armies and the chance to train them. Second is Quick Train that allows the players to reuse old armies and to create and to save new armies. Third is Brew Spells that can brew two armies as well as elixirs and spells. Lastly, the Army tab is about organizing new troops and form spells for the players' next attack.

Another update should introduce Defense Strategy Upgrades. This update is about allowing the players to level up the powers of their troops to plan their next attack. When the update happens, the Witches will have higher hit points and Skeleton Spells will have more skeletons.

Lastly, the third Clash of Clans update will have the Bomb Tower. If players have trouble with burglars, their bomb towers will give enhancement on the defense part, but the players will have to reach Tower Level 8 first.

What Fans Are Expecting From Clash Of Clans?

If Supercell will be releasing three more updates, fans want to see seven big things on Clash of Clans. According to Gotta Be Mobile, players are very happy with what they have been experiencing on one of the most popular mobile games but they are wishing for something better.

The players want Gem Mine to be added wherein they can mine gems. This addition will be big because players need gems every day. Next is Hero During War that means the Warden will not be effective during the attack. The players can donate loot and gems to their friends. Another expected feature is Night Mode, which would see the transition from day to night.

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