5 The Elder Scrolls 6 Features Fans Have Been Hoping To See

5 The Elder Scrolls 6 Features Fans Have Been Hoping To See
Bethesda has already confirmed the existence of The Elder Scrolls 6, but didn't opt to give out a specific release date. Photo : MrMattyPlays/YouTube

First off, The Elder Scrolls 6 won't be coming anytime soon. And it's not a rumor, alright? Bethesda has since iterated the truth about its existence. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean the community won't speculate anything about its arrival. Or perhaps, talk about its possible features. Speaking of which, here are the top 5 features we want to see in the forthcoming installment. And yeah, they sure look quite interesting.

Better The Elder Scrolls 6 Graphics

Since we're talking about a new installment -- The Elder Scrolls 6 -- it's only fair to ask Bethesda for a better graphics. Now, this doesn't mean that the previous installments suck big at it. It's more about acknowledging the fact that the studio will be using a new engine, so it's only right for a better visual to be included. Heck, there are even fans who suggest that the title must be more beautiful than Skyrim (oh, check out its remastered version now!).

A Mute The Elder Scrolls 6 Protagonist

Okay, this is, in one way or another, not a joke about The Elder Scrolls 6. There are fans who really wish for a mute protagonist. A Reddit user by the name of NeuroticNyx suggests that "voiced protagonist" is the most unethical decision Bethesda has come up with. For the aforesaid fan, it would have been better if the studio opt to include such feature elsewhere, as they hope for such mistake to never happen again. That it would better instead for the video game company to shift their entire focus on improving the game, such as character customization and playable races, among others.

Well-Enhanced Character Customization For The Elder Scrolls 6

As mentioned above, fans of The Elder Scrolls 6 are looking for a feature that'll allow them to customize characters in a more enhanced fashion. Take for example the thing Bethesda did in Fallout 4. When the latter was released back in 2015, many were captivated with the beauty of character customization it offered. After all, creativity plays a vital role in every person's life -- because it kind of gives you the feeling of possessing a power that a mighty being (God?) has. So, if this type of feature founds its way to the forthcoming title, it'll surely give fans something to really look forward to. Just keep your fingers crossed, boys!

Managing Properties In The Elder Scrolls 6

It's no secret that in this one here, The Elder Scrolls 6 are referring to the Skyrim DLC titled Hearthfire. The latter basically gave players the thrill of managing various properties. And when such was introduced in Fallout 4, it was when things took off. Obviously, people want it. The community wants it. But still, it's up to Bethesda to grant their wishes. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure that the devs have heard them. Ah, right, devs?

Making Crafting More Essential In The Elder Scrolls 6

If there's one thing that I'd like the devs to learn for the sake of The Elder Scrolls 6, it's the essence of crafting in The Witcher 3. (I know, shameless plug. Dude, I'm a fan). Actually, if this is to be introduced in the upcoming title, it'll give the game's progression a significant bump. Because believe it or not, crafting gives players a whole new reason to enjoy a particular game. Think about being able to come up with a different kind of weapon, one that is unique. The thought of it alone is already enough to bring some chills to the players' spines.

What are your thoughts on The Elder Scrolls 6? What do you think about the aforementioned features? Any other that you can think of? Be sure to share us what you have in mind at the comment section below. We'd surely love to hear from you!

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