Skyrim Special Edition Update: Macho Man Dragon Mod WIll Arrive On Xbox One

Skyrim Special Edition mods are starting to emerge as the game has officially been released for a couple of days. Currently, it was confirmed by the mod creator himself that dragon mod will be arriving to Xbox One. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 version will not receive mods perhaps it is because of the limited mod storage for Sony's console.

According to Game Rant, mods in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim have made the game more enticing. There are hundreds of mods that are available for the game. Some of these improve the UI, visual presentations and others that add an unexpected feel to the gaming experience. One of those is the dragon mod which takes the community by storm. However, unlike the other mods, Macho Man dragon mod does not add up anything.

For those who are unfamiliar, Macho Man dragon mod is just a total reskinning of all the dragons present in Skyrim. With the dragon mod applied, the dragons now had the face of Randy Savage instead of the nasty lizard-like beasts. Additionally, the creator also made some changes on the dragons' audio cue. Instead of the scary roars, they would spit out "Oh Yeah!"

It may be considered as a useless mod for PC players to try out, however some had been enjoying its silliness and soon console players can also experience Macho Man dragon mod. As for now, there are 65 mods for Skyrim Special Edition available on Xbox One and only 10 for PS4. When it comes to Bethesda's releases, PlayStation platforms have been historically knotty. It is totally a shame that players have to suffer for the decisions made by the console manufacturer, but that is the nature of gaming.

Skyrim Special Edition is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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