Titanfall 2 Guide: How To Use 12 Boosts And Identify Favorites [Part 1]

Titanfall 2 has already ditched Burn Cards from the first installment for Boosts. Like Burn Cards, Boosts operate in almost a similar manner with rewards. The new system, however, makes Boosts distinct in terms of how to obtain them and put them at work. Here's the first part of the guide on how to use Titanfall's Boosts.

How To Acquire Boosts And Identify Your Favorites

On the Identify menu, choose a Pilot Boost. Amped Weapons is the only available Boost at the beginning of the game. Nevertheless, players can rest assured that more Boosts are coming up as the mission progresses. Head over to multiplayer mode. With Amped Weapons, it can be activated once the Titan Meter reaches 80 percent. Quick tip: you don't have to wait for your Titan Meter to top up on its own because you can take advantage of the techniques you use to obtain your Titan. Remember that kills, Titan batteries and fulfilling your objectives replenish you Titan Meter swiftly.

After the knowing the basic of acquiring Boosts, you now have to identify which of the 12 Boosts you would want to use according to advantage, features and purpose. They can be obtain at certain levels in exchange of 125 credits each. To help you in determining your favorites, here are the first six for you to discover.

Titanfall 2 Boosts No. 1 - Radar Jammer

Radar Jammer can be unlocked at Level 31 for 40 percent activation cost. It primarily disables the mini-map of the enemies which makes it the most irritating Boost for your enemy and your most advantageous, and vice versa.

Titanfall 2 Boosts No. 2 - Amped Weapons

Amped Weapons can be unlocked at Level 1 for 80 percent activation cost. Considered one of the most impressive Boosts in Titanfall 2, it is used to power up primary and secondary arms. You can use it on any weapons, except for a sniper, to win more shootouts.

Titanfall 2 Boosts No. 3 - Battery Backup

Battery Backup can be unlocked at Level 28 for 80 percent activation cost. It gives you one Titan Battery at no cost. This is the best option for solo players in Titan mode. Like Amped Weapons, Battery Backup also makes a good addition in Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 Boosts No. 4 - Pilot Sentry

Pilot Sentry can be unlocked at Level 17 for 72 percent activation cost. It is an automated battlement that fires at Spectres, Pilots and Grunts. However, you have be cunning in using and discharging it because it only survives for half a minute. This is best used in Amped Hardpoint for shutting down a lane while seizing elsewhere

Titanfall 2 Boosts No. 5 - Ticks

Ticks can be unlocked at Level 6 for 60 percent activation cost. It is an explosive drones perfect to be plunged near the Bank when playing Bounty Hunt. This way, the opponents' scheme will be halted.

Titanfall 2 Boosts 6 - Map Hack

Map Hack can be unlocked at Level 23 for 70 percent activation cost. It displays opponents on the mini-map for the entire team, including their locations, which apparently makes a good benefit.

Stay tuned for the second part of this guide. Titanfall 2 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.


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