Dota 2 News: The Major Upsets For Boston Major; How Team Secret, Liquid, Fnatic Got Eliminated and More

The Regional Qualifiers for the Boston Major has just ended and it certainly concluded with major upsets. The major upsets came from Europe after only one team were given a direct invite by Valve and thus lead to the remainder of the active teams to engage in a death brawl in the Regional Qualifiers. To give you the best overview of the major upsets, let's talk about the qualifiers for the Europe and SEA Regions.

Dota 2 Europe Regional Qualifier

The prominent Europe teams that failed to qualify for the Boston Majors are Alliance, Na'Vi (the el classico), Liquid and Secret. During the first phase of the qualifiers, both Na'Vi and Alliance have shown poor results, the former only has 2 wins from 9 games and the latter only has 3 wins from 9 games respectively. Surprisingly enough, the underdogs of the said region has seen successful results. Virtus pro had 8 wins from a total of 9 games and Ad Finem had a 6 wins from 9 games, tied with Team Liquid.

In the next phase of the qualifier, Team Secret was easily knocked out in the lower bracket by Virtus Pro after the latter been defeated by Team Liquid in the Upper Bracket. In the next round, Ad Finem has again, surprised the crowd after knocking down Liquid in 2-0. In the Lower bracket of the Qualifiers, Team Liquid faced Virtus Pro once again but the latter has emerged victorious after a tight 2-1 set.

Dota 2 Sea Regional Qualifier

The SEA qualifier was meet with a lot of enthusiasm after both Team Fnatic and TnC moved on to the second phase of the Regional Qualifiers. Fnatic had an amazing run in the last TI6, placing 4th in the grand event. TnC was also regarded as the dark horse in the competition after knocking down the anticipated finalist, team OG in the second round of the lower bracket.

But in this, it appears that both Fnatic and TnC had their curtains rolled after failing to qualify for the Boston Majors. Fnatic was easily taken out by Mski in the upper bracket and was later knocked off by WG.Unity in the lower bracket. The emerging victors of the SEA qualifiers are Team Faceless and WG.Unity. The former, although a new found team, was not considered as the underdogs as it comprises with prominent Dota 2 players namely: iceiceice, Black^ and xy-. The team also had a clean 9-0 run during the initial round-robin phase of the qualifier.

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