80-yr-old Gaming Grandma Has Posted 300 Skyrim Episodes; Has 190K Youtube Subscribers

What will you most likely be doing when you reach 80 years old? Some will say that they'll probably be at home knitting some garments or just watching TV until they fall asleep. But what if you would still love to go on quests and adventures and fighting off Falmers or Draugrs after helping your grandkids with their homework? Would that be possible?

If you still have good hands and ears and eyes then why not? Take this amazing 80-year-old Grandma who had just become more popular as she posted her 300th video while playing Skyrim for example. And yes, we're not even trolling.

Meet Grandma Shirley

At 80 years old, while most grandmothers are probably dozing off the whole time, Shirley Currey, nicknamed Grandma Shirley, is currently one of the most well-known and well-loved active YouTubers. As mentioned, she has already posted over 300 Skyrim episodes and we're not even talking about a noob player. She is considered to be one of the "most prolific Skyrim players on #YouTube", as mentioned in nowloading. And what would be more adorable than starting her videos with a greeting, "Hi, grandkids!" Awww.

Grandma Shirley's Skyrim Videos

Grandma Shirley's first ever Skyrim Let's Play video was uploaded Sept. 18, 2015 and since then, this gamer grandma has received Youtube's Silver Play button. Now this button is only given out to channels with over 100,000 subscribers. And as of this writing, the Skyrim-loving grandma has over 192k subscribers and 4.1 million views!

Why do people seem to love Grandma Shirley's videos?

Aside from not the usual grandmas cooking pies and spending almost all their time in kitchens (well, Grandma Shirley could also be cooking a pie right now though), this Virginia-based grandma has a calming voice which tends to soothe those watching her Skyrim videos. So if Bob Ross is for painting, Grandma Shirley is for Skyrim, something like that.

Additionally, a grandma at 80 enjoying Skyrim or any video game in particular is something we all want to be (secretly) when we get to that age - still geeky and badass.

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