'Arrow' Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers: Will Oliver Queen Die? Human Target to Replace Him?

Arrow Season 4 has witnessed the death of the Black Canary (Katie Cassidy). Many were unhappy by her demise above all because Canary was Arrow's original colleague. Now it is most likely that Oliver Queen is the next to meet his demise.

A scene from the trailer shows Queen being shot. His sister, Thea, was seen hurrying to get to his side. Thea is played by Willa Holland. Many presumed that the next episode of Arrow Season 5 will see the death of Oliver. But others judge that Queen's death is just part of their plan. It seems Team Arrow wants the people in Star City to think that he is already dead. According to a source, Tobias knows that the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen have one body.

What to Expect - Human Target Arrives

In "Human Target," Oliver will rely on his friend Christopher Chance, aka the Human Target, to help him rescue Rene by permeating Church's new criminal gang. Chance is a private investigator and bodyguard, who has the super ability to take on false identities.

Meanwhile, Felicity's worlds become one when Detective Malone joins the ACU. Screenrant shared a little spoiler or prediction for episode 5, but when you watch the trailer, it's a dead giveaway: "Chance is reportedly not only here to help the Green Arrow rescue Rene but also to protect Mayor Oliver Queen from a potential assassination attempt. One assumes, he'll take over the identity of one Mr. Queen to find out just who exactly is trying to kill him. Or another option is he'll help Oliver fake the assassination like we saw in the trailer, while Chance watches from afar."

Nonetheless the clip is shocking and it begs the question, was that Human Target disguised as Oliver Queen? Will he survive? Check out the trailer below!

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