Civilization 6 City Placement Guide: Plan Your Next City Now

One of the most viable strategies in the brand-new Civilization 6 gameplay involves settlement decisions. District planning, in particular, is undoubtedly what every player should give utmost importance once and for all. Without any marks of preparation, your district is doomed to be taken over not sooner or later. So here's a new city placement guide on how to plan your next settlement.

Steam user named "Fangrimarcher" has some brilliant designs about this city placement in Civilization 6, heavily focusing on district planning. To get you started, take note of the general rule to avoid deserts and flood plains as tooltips may not be visible in these kinds of locations once you put a district.

Civilization 6 - Industrial Zone

For Industrial Zone, you need to center your focus on the well-established mines or quarries for the sake of radiant bonuses. Each adjacent mine or quarry will earn you +1 in production, while each adjacent district will earn you +.5 in production. When upgraded, it gives off +3 to 7 in production until the sixth tile. You can also expect more mines anytime sooner as you progress on mountainous grounds or even as windfall resources. So far though, Industrial Zone has unknown bugs that have yet to be addressed.

Civilization 6 - Holy Site

For Holy Site, you have to take notice of adjacent mountains or forests and other natural wonders. Each adjacent natural wonder will earn you +2, while adjacent mountain +1, adjacent forest +.5 and adjacent district +.5.

Civilization 6 - Harbor

For Harbor, you need to focus on coastal resources or strengthen a commercial hub. Take note that two resources is compensated with a hub bonus. Also, remember to build Harbor by the bay or any bodies of water adjacent to land. Each adjacent coastal resource will earn you +1 gold, while adjacent district tile +.5 gold. When you upgrade it to a seaport, it will give you gold production equivalent to your adjacent resource or tile.

Civilization 6 - Aerodrome

For Aerodrome, as much as possible, prevent from building it along coastlines and neighborhoods to get away with the appeal penalty impact. It is important for an air force, and is good for airlifting which means it cannot be built on hilly terrains. Take note that it lowers appeal of surrounding tiles. Whenever you want to expand without compromising your other districts, your Military Engineer can always build airfields.

Civilization 6 - Aqueduct

Aqueduct is a bit tricky in a sense that if you don't pay close attention to your sources of freshwater. Make sure to place Aqueduct right next to the city center and mountain or freshwater tile.

Civilization 6 - Campus

For Campus, center your focus on mountains with neighboring rainforests. Each neighboring mountain will earn you +1 in science, while adjacent district +.5 and adjacent rainforest .5.

Civilization 6 - Encampment

For Encampment, you need a space in between with your city central. This way, you are creating a support system between these districts which will serve as a deathtrap.

Civilization 6 - Commercial Hub

For Commercial Hub, pay particular attention to coastlines and rivers. Take note when looking for rivers, it should stream down to the sea to get you extra gold. Adjacent river will earn you +2 gold, adjacent harbor/royal navy dockyard +2, and adjacent district +.5.

Civilization 6 - Neighborhood

For Neighborhood, take as a primary consideration the appealing locations, like natural parks, beach sides, etc. Remember that housing should be based on appeal.

Civilization 6 - Theater Square

For Theatre Square, it is recommended to place it in between other districts if on hard mode. Each adjacent wonder will earn you +1, and adjacent district +.5.

Civilization 6 - Entertainment Complex

For Entertainment Complex, you need to put it at the center of your empire if you want radiant bonuses. There are no restrictions here, but when upgraded it will give you +1 to 3 amenities within six tiles.


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