Pokemon GO Update: Fans Claim Niantic Mixing Up Spawns After The Halloween Event Is A Smart Move

Pokemon GO and Niantic were renewed with the release of their Halloween update. Some fans who quit picked up the game again, went outside and enjoyed the extra candy and decreased walking distance. Niantic needed a way to keep the players before they could implement the upcoming Daily Bonuses update and fans think that mixing up spawns is smart.

Niantic Mixed Up Spawns In Pokemon GO

Niantic mixed up the spawns and nests of Pokemon after Pokemon GO's Halloween event to keep players from leaving once again before their upcoming Daily Bonuses update. Fans think it's a smart move since players have been having multiple sighting of species they've never seen around their area before. The prospect of finding new Pokemon in their area has been a great motivation to carry on walking and playing despite the lack of the candy bonus event.

Players of Pokemon GO have been giving a positive feedback of their overall experience of the updates. The confirmation of upcoming updates has helped excite players too, and very few have decided to quit again so far. Niantic used the Halloween event as a trigger to mix things up, and it seems they're back in the game and have learned to keep the Pokemon GO trainers playing and happy.

Pokemon GO Mix In Nests And Spawns Gave More Players Reason To Stay

Pokemon GO trainers and masters still wish to catch them all, and the mixing of nests and spawns did a complete 180 of their game. They're able to add more Pokemon now in their growing Pokedex and see spawns and Pokemon they've never had and never seen before. Evidently, this kept the players' attention which is a smart move from Niantic.

This gave players more reason to stay while they wait for the highly anticipated Daily Quests or Daily Bonuses update, and the Trading System update. All of which are supposedly coming to Pokemon GO by the end of the year. Despite the earlier mishaps and disappointment, Niantic seems to be making Pokemon GO better albeit slowly.

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