Pokemon GO Update: Disappointing Pokemon Removed In Rarest Egg, Winter Event Revealed

Looks like Niantic did some major changes to Pokemon GO lately. And yeah, it was quite a shake actually. From now on, the popular yet rare Eevee will be among the Pokemon ready to be hatched in those 5 km eggs. Yes, that's right! But wait, there's more -- the studio is prepping to introduce yet another interesting event. Guess what? It's the big Winter event that every player has been wondering about.

According to Polygon, the aforementioned Pokemon GO monster will now be obtained in every 5 km egg out there. And most certainly, this is a huge deal for players who've been hoping to acquire the creature. After all, cracking a good amount of eggs and taking more steps are quite tiring in a way. Heck, it even gets frustrating when the process only results to a normal type specie.

It's worth noting that in the past, Eevee in Pokemon GO was only acquirable in 10 km egg (if not caught in the wilds). Players could either receive the latter after paying a visit at PokeStops or once leveling up is completed. Either way, certain requirements -- such as 10 km's worth of walk -- are necessary in order to finish the hatching process.

It's safe to say that having to own a 10 km egg in Pokemon GO is exciting. After all, it's a rare experience to undergo. However, if players are looking to get, say, Eevee from it, it's not always moonlight and roses. The experience can definitely be disappointing if a normal type Pokemon pops out instead. So, in a sense, the update that Niantic did is a huge treat.

But hey, as mentioned above, Niantic is starting to make things a little bit more interesting for Pokemon GO players. As previously reported here at iTech Post, the success of the Halloween event could signal the possibility of the company doing more of such in the future. And indeed, it's likely to happen.

As reported by Otakukart, the developer of Pokemon GO is planning to unleash a Winter event as soon as the season arrives. Obviously, it's when players might be seeing more of those ice type Pokemon. Or perhaps, more candies -- something that they did with the recently concluded event. Heck, the studio can even resort to weather effects akin to that of Winter.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO as well as the upcoming Winter event? How about Eevee being moved to 5 km eggs? Share us what you think at the comment section below!

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