Pokemon Go Update: Gen 2 Might Bring 28 Unown And Baby Pokemon

Pokemon Go Gen 2 rumors have been actively surfacing the internet recently. It seems like players cannot wait for this update to be added to the game. Pokemon Go has currently 145 Pokemon available since Niantic still has not added the five legendary Pokemon and Ditto. However, if Gen 2 will arrive, the game's roster will be added with a huge number of new Pokemon specie that would bring diversity and excitement to players.

According to Otakukart, Pokemon Go Gen 2 and other major updates' release date are still in question. However, the rumors about these major updates are alive and well. Currently, rumors about Pokemon Gen 2 is the most active as to date.

Based on the report, it is expected that Gen 2 will bring the 28 Unown Pokemon since they are included in generation 2 of the previous Pokemon Games. While these 28 Unowns have various shapes, Niantic could offer some fun puzzles for the fans as they had previously done with Ingress. The developer might also consider tweaks to the spawning patterns of these ancient Pokemon than the present spawns. In general, it would be exciting how Niantic will introduce these adorable creatures.

Another feature that interests most of the fans is the Baby Pokemon. These are the pre-evolved form of several Pokemon in the first generation. Aside from the new evolution line and new Pokemon species, Baby Pokemon seems to include new items directly for Pokemon Breeding. Though, it is still unclear if the Pokemon Breeding feature will work in Pokemon Go. However, based on the previous interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke, he states that he is interested on the subject.

Pokemon Go Gen 2 is expected to bring a big hype booster for the fans when it arrives. With the current state of the game, it seems like the update would require more time before it will be officially added in the game.


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