Pokemon Go Update: Top 10 Pokemon That Could Have Interesting Evolution On Gen 2

Even though Pokemon Go Gen 2 has not yet received an official release date, it seems like players are hyped to see the offerings and overall changes to the upcoming feature. Gen 2 is one of the most rumored feature/update is expected to be added to the game along with PVP and Trading. Meanwhile, let us take a look on the top 10 Pokemon in Gen 1 that might receive an interesting evolution on Gen 2.

According to Otakukart, players might start to save some candies for these Pokemon in preparation for the arrival of Pokemon Go Gen 2. For further clarifications, these Pokemon listed were just chosen based on its interesting method of evolution as seen on previous Pokemon Games. First Pokemon listed is Crobat. It is the third and final evolution of Zubat. If Niantic tries to relate Crobat's evolution on previous Pokemon Games, they might add some friendship meters since Crobat's evolution depends on happiness.

However, it could be more likely just a direct evolve from Pokemon candies. Next is Politoed. It is one of the final evolution of Poliwag which can be evolved via King's Rock. However, that item is yet to be available on the current Pokemon Go Shop which means it would be interesting enough how Niantic would handle these evolution items. Next on the list is Steelix which evolution also requires a trade with an item. Steelix evolved from Onix. If Niantic preserves such method, fans could expect the integration of a Trading feature.

Making its way to the 7th and 6th spot is Hitmontop and Blissey respectively. Blissey, similar to Crobat, also requires a perfect amount of happiness to be evolved while Hitmontop has a very tricky evolution which only depends on luck while evolving. Number 5 on the list is Kingdra, similar to Onix, its evolution requires Seadra to be traded while holding an item. 4th and 3rd spot are Espeon and Umbreon which are both part of Eevolution. Espeon is evolved during daytime while Umbreon evolves at night. Lastly, the remaining two Pokemon are Scizor and Porygon2 respectively. Both Pokemon evolutions require their basic forms to hold a certain item while being traded.


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