Samsung 'Galaxy S8' To Feature Sleek Revolutionary Design And Super Advanced AI

 Samsung is still keeping itself silent when it comes to explaining just what caused the numerous incidents of exploding Galaxy Note 7s, but as of now, the company has already moved on and is now marketing the upcoming Galaxy S8, which will not be revealed until sometime next year. The company on Thursday, however, teased some of the features of the upcoming smartphone, including the camera, design, and its artificial intelligence feature.

Samsung is still competing

Interestingly, the tease arrived also at the very day when Apple was also set to introduce their new line of MacBook Pro models. But at the same time, Samsung also reported a 96 percent drop in its quarterly mobile profit, so to lighten up the occasion and to hypen up the crowd, it decided to give some teasers on the upcoming Galaxy S8 in an effort to shift the focus a bit.

According to Lee

"We are expecting some difficulties until the first quarter of 2017, but we will achieve a business turnaround with the release of our new flagship smartphone," Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung VP for mobile communications, stated during the conference call

Samsung is going to do what Apple did

Lee has also mentioned that the Galaxy S8 will be featuring a very slick design, an enhanced and improved camera, and a brand new incorporation of artificial intelligence service. As reports and rumors have pointed out, Samsung has bought Viv Labs just earlier this month, which is a startup AI company whose co-founders were the ones who created Siri, Apple's A.I. That also gave some hints that it will also be the one that the advanced AI in the Galaxy S8 is based on, but Lee explain any further detail.

Some more rumored specs on the Galaxy S8

Recent reports have also claimed that the Galaxy S8 will be removing the home button (much like what Apple did) and will be incorporating a fingerprint sensor on the display. Rumors have also suggested that the Galaxy S8 will be getting a dual rear camera, which is again, similar to the one on the iPhone 7 Plus. We might not equate the term 'unique' on the upcoming S8, but it does bring a whole lot of hype.

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