Pokemon Go Update: v45.0 Patch Released; What Changes Does It Bring?

Niantic has released a brand new update for Pokemon Go bringing several new game additions to the augmented reality game. With this new update, Pokemon Go's game version is now on v45.0 for Android and 1.15.0 for iOS. Along with the update, a patch note has been revealed. The patch notes highlight the addition of the new Daily Quest feature and several changes on the Gym mechanics.

According to the report from Otakukart, the latest update brings a new time-secure limit for Pokemon placement whenever you conquer a new Gym. That means players that would snipe your gyms will no longer be able to do it. For instance, whenever you beat the Gym leader of a particular Gym location, there would be a short period of time to be able to place a Pokemon in an open Gym. As of now, it is unclear if how much time would it take for the new time-secure limit to lapse since the said update is still on the process of rolling-out.

The version 45.0 also adds the new Daily Quest feature where players are given rewards for completing the scheduled quest for that particular day. These Daily Quests are inclined directly on the first Pokemon catch and first PokeStops spins every day. It has been explained that if players will perform the Daily Quests seven days in a row, they will be granted a larger bonus.

Additionally, the reduction of Prestige points whenever a player defeats a regular member of the Gym has been increased. However, the Prestige points earned by training at a friendly Gym is now lowered. "Some minor text fixes" has also been seen on the patch note. It was reported that the removal of once infamous Eevee evolution trick is on the minor text fix.

Meanwhile, the official APK for the v45.0 is now downloadable online. Meanwhile, v45.0 has not been officially uploaded on both Google Play and iTunes.


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