Pokemon Go News And Update: Why Are Cluster Spawns Rising To Popularity?

Pokemon Go has recently rolled out a new update which features the new Daily Quest feature and some changes to the gym system. However, a few hours after the update went live, players around the globe are reporting a massive increase of cluster spawns. It has been reported that players can now catch a bunch of Pokemon from a particular spawn point rather than just a bunch of Zubat or other non-common Pokemon per spawn area.

According to the report from Otakukart, it seems like the new update is good with not one negative feedback on social medias as to date. In addition, there are also no reported glitches in sight. With the new update, some trainers are curious why there is a sudden increase on Cluster spawns. Apparently, one theory has been formulated which connects it to the timers of each spawns.

For further explanation, if you close the game for a while after catching all the existing Pokemon around you, reopening the Pokemon Go app will grant you a fresh set of Pokemon to catch. For instance, if the Pokemon in your current location have 15 minute spawn timers then you can catch them all again in the next 15 minutes. It has also been reported that spawn timers were increased that means it created larger clusters as Pokemon appear for longer periods of time.

Additionally, the new Pokemon Go update brings each cluster spawns closer to each other that means there is a better chance for players to increase in Pokemon cluster spawns. Another great news regarding the new update is that players would not be required to move around that much since there are reports stating that five or six Pokemon have been regularly spawning in their homes recently. So, if ever you just wanted to relax while playing the game, there is a higher chance for you to catch a Pokemon even just staying still.


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