Pokemon Go Update: New Mini Event Announced; Brings Bonus Drops And Spawns

Niantic has recently announced a mini event for Pokemon Go celebrating the release of their Daily Bonus feature which grants players with even more bonuses. The post was entitled Celebrating Daily Bonuses with More Bonuses and it confirms the previous reports which include an increase in Spawns and dropped items from PokeStops.

According to the report from Pokemon Go Hub, the mini event has been live last Monday, Nov. 7 and will end officially this Friday, Nov. 11, 2016. It was highly advised that players would go outside immediately and take part of this week-long mini event from Niantic. Apparently, there is no guide for this mini event. However, a few tips and tricks would help to better take advantage on this special event.

One tip is to use Lure Modules as this is the perfect time to use the said item since Pokemon Spawns are now increased and using Lure Modules would amplify the Pokemon Spawn even more. Second, it is suggested to install your Lure Modules that's in range of 2-3 PokeStops in order to maximize the Spawns of each Pokemon near your area. Lastly, farm Berries and Revives while use PokeBalls and save UltraBalls. The recent gym change would absolutely drain your Revives, so it is highly recommended to stack as much as you can.

Moreover, players that are having great difficulties with  leveling up might use this mini event as an avenue to gain extra experience points and loot some items without spending a lot of time walking around just to find Pokemon in the wild. In addition, apart from the new Daily Quest feature, Niantic has made some changes on the Cluster Spawns where they decreased the gap between two Cluster Spawns. That means more Pokemon will appear in a particular spawn area. 

This is the latest event of Pokemon Go following the previously successful Halloween event. Meanwhile, fans are expecting that Niantic will do another major event next month celebrating the upcoming Christmas season with their very own Winter Event.


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