Transferring Creatures From Pokemon Go To Pokemon Sun And Moon Possible According To Data Mine

Pokemon games have been making waves for the past few days. For smartphone users, Pokemon Go's latest update surely did make everyone happier with bonuses aplenty. On the other hand, after months and months of game leaks, Pokemon Sun and Moon games are set to arrive to the Nintendo 3DS in two weeks.

Pokemon Go Latest Update

If you are a loyal Pokemon Go fan, you are probably reaping the huge rewards and bonuses from the latest update. Aside from adding Pokemon Go Daily Quests, the hit AR mobile game also added a Bonus Event from Nov. 7 to Nov. 11 which will grant you more items from spinning Pokestops. That means, dear Level 20+ players, more Ultra Balls! And who could miss out on the news that a hundred Gen 2 Pokemon are waiting for us to be captured?

Pokemon Sun and Moon News

If you have been checking your feed for Pokemon Sun and Moon news, game leaks are all over the place including Pokemon stats and more info about the mysterious Ultra Beasts. What a smart move to get more hype for its Nov. 18 release, yes?

Pokemon Go Transfer to Pokemon Sun and Moon

New details for both Pokemon games can be quite overwhelming but wait till you hear more! Just recently, news from the Reddit community mentioned that it is entirely possible to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

This shocking revelation was just discovered in text file 70, which according to Pokemongohub, is where Pokemon originated. This Pokemon history file shows sources to more regions where you can obtain Pokemon, including Pokemon Link and Poke Pelagio. You can see the image here.

Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon Compatibility Hinted Previously

If you can remember, this Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon compatibility was hinted by Junichi Masuda, the game producer, and Shigeru Ohmori, director, months back. Here's a translation from Nintendo Everything dated July 23, 2016:

"[Masuda, Ohmori] are also considering linkage with the smartphone app Pokémon GO which came out earlier this month. However, Masuda said that Pokémon GO is a game about catching Pokémon by walking all around the world. And even with the same Pokémon species, they have different appearance methods and catch rates in Sun/Moon. If they are to link the two games, they have to do it in a way that doesn't break the balance of either game and even end up making both games boring. They still need to find an interesting idea that could make both games more interesting."

With the recent datamine that Pokemon Go is indeed compatible with Pokemon Sun and Moon, would you be getting the Pokemon Sun and Moon titles as well? Which Pokemon Go creature would you gladly transfer to the 3DS? Share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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