25 New Titles Arrive For PlayStation Now Including Hits You'd Want To Play Again Like Beyond: Two Souls, Catherine, And More

PlayStation Now - 25 New Games for November 2016 | PS4
Relive your PS3 days with the upcoming 25 games for PlayStation Now. Not quite as cool as Xbox One's 360 compatibility but at least they have this one. Check it out. Photo : YouTube / PlayStation

Do you want to play some PS3 games, but your system is already busted? Well worry not because a bunch of new titles will invade PlayStation Now, 25 games to be exact. Fuzz about the PS Now has been left out in the corner after all the hype that's brought in with the latest in gaming. Be sure to check out these 25 added titles, you might have missed playing a bunch of them. I didn't personally dig PS Now, but with these new games, I might just as well try it today.

PS Now hasn't made a lot of hype since its birth in 2015 due to being overshadowed by Xbox One's backwards compatibility library for the 360 which most gamers, unfortunately for Sony, prefer. The cloud-based service that streams PS3 games to your PS4, Vita, and PlayStation TV (also selected smart TVs) revitalizes your PS3 experience by bringing back the library to your modern system. PS Now is also planned to be available for the PC anytime soon according to Trusted Reviews. You may also visit the same article on how to avail PS Now services, including price.

What games are added today?

Let's start with Beyond: Two Souls, a movie slash drama slash video game that transforms gaming into a completely immersive experience. Being a game from Quantic Dream, each PlayStation fan should have played this one. Follow Jodie Holmes as she recalls her past and moves on to her uncertain path to life and beyond with Aiden, an entity that is attached to her, who is later revealed to be ...find out for yourself as it will be spoiled if the sentence is continued. William Dafoe is also in the game. I played this game 5 times already and I still like to take another round. David Cage fan right here! I give this game a 10 out of 10 despite the official reviews giving it a 7 or 8. Personally, if it's from Quantic Dream, I'd bet it came from their hearts and that's what matters. Can't wait for Detroit: Become Human to come out.

Next in the trailer: Catherine. A super twisted game taking form of anime art, it drags you to an Wonderland but sexy trip. Follow Vincent's twisted adventures as he survive each of his nightmares with your capable gaming hands. For the curious, he's been having nightmares about his girlfriend's decision about their marriage and plot twist, his affair with another girl Catherine. Vincent's girlfriend's name is Katherine, with a 'K'. This game made it to my list of weirdest games ever. If you want a kinky roller coaster ride that's weird, then this game is right up in the alley for you.

A complete list of games can be found in PlayStation Life Style's blog page. Now, that's a lot of games to catch up with in case you haven't started any of them. What game among the 25 are you going to check out? How was your PS3 days, did you miss playing some of these games? Well, if you only have the PS4 unit right now, might as well try the PlayStation Now service. Hit us with your comments below.

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