Kingdom Hearts 3 Latest News: How Big Hero 6 Baymax Joins Gameplay? HINT: Not Evil!

Disney and Kingdom Hearts 3 developer Square Enix have previously confirmed during the 2015 D23 Expo that Big Hero 6 will be included in the new worlds of the game. According to Walt Disney Producer Roy Conli, the themes of the popular movie and the game are closely matched, specifically the friendship that has been emphasized in both stories, including the concept of good over evil.

Conli also revealed that the story will happen following the events of the movie, when Hiro and the group have created a heroic team. The producer explained that this will let them discover new adventures that are focused on great actions, including the appearance of Baymax.

While there are speculations that the players may see an evil Big Hero 6 character in Kingdom Hearts 3, the concept art, which was uploaded via Twitter in 2015, does not indicate an evil Baymax. In fact, reports suggest that Square Enix has not given plot details that will support the claim regarding the evil character of Baymax. Also, the developer and Disney have not released any comment about the concept art's legitimacy, which was shared by Slashfilm.

Meanwhile, as Kingdom Hearts 3 details begin to emerge, the fans have been given a few hints on what to expect from the upcoming title. Based on reports, the third installment may feature a brewing conflict against the forces of Master Xehanort. As stated in the description, the fight between good and evil is exactly how the antagonist wanted it to be. Given that, Sora and his squad is expected to try to stop the inbound threat by going out on a quest for the Seven Guardians of the Light.

Kingdom Hearts 3 developer Square Enix is believed to provide more details in January, following the roll out of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Watch Kingdom Hearts III - Big Hero 6 Theme (BlueNctrn)

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