League of Legends Teams To Quit If Riot Games Doesn’t Give More Money?

League of Legends competitive teams recently wrote a letter to Riot Games complaining about their lack of compensation for taking part in the Championship series. The written complaint was signed by at least 18 teams.

What Does The Letter Contain?

Times have changed for gamers participating in esports events such as League of Legends. Revenues collected from such esports now run in the billions. Competitive players spend a large amount of their time and resources to excel at the games they choose. And also just like any sport, teams of players compete with one another.

In the League of Legends Completive Plays however, it seemed most of the teams have banded together to air their grievances against LOL developer Riot Games through a letter which contained various complaints and demands from the LOL teams, according to Slingshot.

Their list of grievances mainly focused on the low pay and the constant threat of relegation. League of Legends team owners also complained that they are having difficulty getting and keeping their players precisely due to the low financial incentive. The current League of Legends Competitive Series also restricts the ability of teams to get sponsors.

Riot Games' Counter-Offer

Riot Games did make some counter-offers a while back which did not sit well with many LCS team owners. They simply would not accept the developer argument that they can start making serious money if they are willing to lose money for the time being. Afterwards, Riot Games promised to make some changes in the revenue sharing with LCS teams. However, reports indicate the many of players are still not satisfied with the new revenue scheme.

LSC Players Leaving League Of Legend For Overwatch?

Esport commentator Christopher Mykles, also known as "MonteCristo" to gaming fans said that covering Overwatch matches is far more lucrative than League of Legends. Maybe Riot Games will listen if the LSC teams start joining the Overwatch competitive season instead.

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