Civilization 6 Diplomacy Guide: How To Deal With Other Civs' Hidden Agenda

All civilizations on Civilization 6 have their respective agenda-they can be open or hidden agenda. Open agenda is something that most players don't get intimated with. On the other hand, hidden agenda is quite the tricky one because they are changing. Here's a guide on how to deal with hidden agenda of other civilizations on Civilization 6.

Civilization 6: Few Issues

There have been quite a few diplomatic issues that you need to address. First, it is innate that each civ is concerned with the accomplishment of his own agenda. Second, your decisions affect your neighbors. Third, your production is affected when allies are sent. Fourth, an alarm goes off when you move a settler tile to that direction. Fifth, you need to focus on trade and production rather than expansion.

Civilization 6: How To Make Allies

To make allies on Civilization 6, bribing is the greatest way to do that. Send gifts to those who you want to make friends with. Don't forget to be polite by sending a trade delegation. For hostile nations however, once decided to link ties with you, they will only trade with you at a higher price at first and eventually dropping the price down. The AI will begin to regard you as an asset which is what you are definitely gunning for.

Don't underestimate small things because you have to use them in trading to make other civs believe you. Once you get their side, first thing you need to do is to build an embassy in their capital. Take note that highest gifting bonus is +10.

In diplomatic relationships, Declaration of Friendship (DOF) is very needed; however, not easy to acquire if other civs don't trust you well enough. What you need to do is to open you border by making concrete communication lines. Once done, send out a trader to their resourceful cities and begin exchanging. Repeat the process if rejected. Once your open borders are on, ask for the DOF, then a Defense Pact.

To strengthen your newfound relationship, send another gift but this time make sure it's more valuable than your previous gifts like diamonds. Along the way, you will be moving to Top Secret Access. Final note: building too many relationships might not be as wise as you think. Keep ones that are manageable so you don't end up with conflicting interests.

Civilization 6 is now available on Windows PC.

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