'Arrow' Season 5 Updates: Upcoming Big Crossover Episode 100 To Feature Major Death?

The most awaited "Arrow" season five 100th episode is finally getting close, as fans await the biggest crossover to happen in CW. However, there have been speculations that as exciting as that may sound, it would actually end up in a tragic sense.

Episode 100 Of "Arrow" Premiere Date Getting Closer; Much-Awaited Four-Way Crossover To Finally Materialize

The 100th episode of the series "Arrow," which will happen in the current season five has had fans waiting for the longest time. It has been confirmed that the said episode will feature a four-way crossover among the CW series: "Arrow," "The Flash," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow." The crossover will be spread out to at least two episodes to cover all the ground that they needed for the plot.

One Of The Major Characters Of "Arrow" To Possibly Die During Crossover Episode

It can be recalled that among the four interconnected television shows, "Arrow" is the pioneering one and the beginning of them all. However, according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, there is a possibility of a major death that will happen during the crossover episodes. According to him, it will serve as a milestone of the series and that it is necessary for the storyline. Whoever it may be, it will surely be devastating as all the remaining characters of the show are well loved by the viewers.

Stephen Amell Talks About Show's Future And If It Is To End Already In Current Season

In addition to that, actor Stephen Amell who plays the iconic role of Arrow or Green Arrow believes that the current season may probably already be their last. They have done so much already during the past few seasons of "Arrow" and he believes that they need improvement on the current season basing on the show's origins. Nevertheless, for as long as they have a story to tell and they very much well-received by the audience, they can go for as long as they are wanted. For now, there is still so much to look forward to as the series continues to progress.

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