Pokemon GO Guide: Effective Trick To Getting PokeStops In Rural Areas

By Alvin Elfwine , Nov 15, 2016 04:00 AM EST

PokeStops play a vital role in every player's journey in Pokemon GO. It helps trainers acquire a good bunch of items -- from candies to PokeBalls, among others. However, such thing doesn't always apply to those who live in rural areas. Why? That's because most -- if not all -- of them aren't just available in these locations. Well, there's actually a workaround to that.

A Reddit user by the name of TheFarix discovered a way to get PokeStops in Pokemon GO. And yes, this despite being in rural areas. According to the player, he lives in Wyoming County (southern part of West Virginia with an estimated population of 23,000) where there are only 3 of these. Add to that the fact that only a single gym can be utilized. All of these for a single country only. Talk about luck, right?

Obviously, what the aforementioned Pokemon GO player experienced is quite a frustration. This is also true to those who live in such isolated locations. However, this seems to be a thing in the past. In Ingress (another application developed by Niantic), there's a pattern that needs to be followed. He suggests that portals in the said app with images on them are the only ones converted into real PokeStops.

In hopes to acquire something, the aforesaid Pokemon GO player did a little experiment. He went to these locations (the Ingress portals), took a couple of photos and suited the images to the app. Three of these photos were accepted, though mostly were rejected. Surprisingly, after some time, he was able to confirm that the images applied were converted to, well, PokeStops.

The idea here is if Pokemon GO players live in rural areas, they simply need to go over with those Ingress portals. But for this to work, they must use the ones with no image and submit it to the app. If, for whatever reason, it's accepted, then it's very likely for players to get another portal -- something that leads to PokeStops being discovered.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon GO trick? Have you given it a try already? How was it so far? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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