WhatsApp Versus Skype: Which Is Better?

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Reportedly, WhatsApp hopes to rival apps such as Skype and Apple Facetime with its new upcoming feature. Before getting to the details about which is better between WhatsApp and Skype, let's first talk about the latest news about WhatsApp. Here is what you need to know:

What's New About WhatsApp?

Just last month, WhatsApp added new camera features that let users put emoji stickers or draw on photos and videos being attached to chats. The app also started to support animated GIFs last month. According to a written article at Forbes, for years, WhatsApp users have been requesting for the creators of WhatsApp to add a video calling feature. With that being said, the team responsible for managing WhatsApp has finally answered their prayers and is confident that it is everything that the loyal fans have wished for.

Apparently, WhatsApp has been beta testing this video calling feature for months now and gathering feedbacks from users to create a video calling feature that will fully cater to the needs of WhatsApp users. About when will the new feature be officially released, WhatsApp gave no specific date and just answered it will be coming soon. There is also no information if there will also be other features with the next update.

How Does It Work?

To use the video calling feature of WhatsApp on smartphones and tablets, users will just have to tap the call icon at the top right corner of a chat. After tapping the call icon, the user will be asked to make a voice call or videos call. When in video call mode, users can switch between the rear camera and front camera of the user's device. There is also a mute option if the caller does not want the receiver to hear what is being said through the microphone.

WhatsApp Versus Skype:

Anonymous. With WhatsApp, you need to sign in your account to be able to use the app. It will also connect you to your Facebook account to further enhance Facebook's friend suggestion feature. With the Skype, however, you are able to use its features without having to log in an account - The Verge.

Connection problem. As of now, WhatsApp has no problem with sending and receiving text messages and calls. But with Skype, once in a while (every week), people will have problems sending and receiving messages. This is not a Wi-Fi issue because users are able to open other sites without lag.

Status bugs. For WhatsApp, there are no problems with viewing the status of your contacts. At Skype, however, accompanied with the connection problem, you can't tell if your contacts are online, hidden their status or offline. There are times Skype will just pop a notification that one of your contacts are online, yet they aren't. It really is confusing.

Anti-been zoned. Have you ever sent an important message and you wish that the receiver reads it? With WhatsApp, you can tell if the person whom you sent a message has read your message or not. But with Skype, you just can't tell. You're stuck there waiting and wondering if that person has actually read your message or not. This is not a "control-freak" issue thing. There are just those unfortunate situations when it really is important that the person needs to read your message when you can't call him/her.

The Final Verdict

Keeping the video calling feature aside, WhatsApp definitely is better than Skype. But if you add the video calling feature to the equation, there is no way to tell which is better. For now, we just have to wait until the video calling feature of WhatsApp will be fully implemented and see if it really can deliver.


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