WhatsApp Finally Launches Video Calling For Its 1 Billion Users

By Luis Fran , Nov 15, 2016 08:13 PM EST

Messaging service WhatsApp has finally launch its video calling feature, which would make it more popular than ever considering that this was something that its 1 billion of users were expecting to be released. Windows Phone, iOS and regular Android users are now able to make and receive a video call once they update the app.

The Video Calling Feature Is Very Easy To Use

If you want to use this highly-anticipated feature, you just have to push the call button in the top right corner of the screen in a conversation, which will then ask if you want to voice or video call the person you´re communicating with. If you want the second option, you just have to select "video call" on the screen.

According to Tech Crunch, you can even switch between the rear camera and the forward-facing during the video calling, which is extremely useful and comfortable. Also, you can hang up the call by hitting the red button or mute the call if you want to. Apparently, the use interface varies a little bit on iPhone and Android in regard of where the picture-in-picture video feed is displayed, as well as other details as buttons´ size and placement.

Everyone Could Use This New Feature

WhatsApp said in a blog post that it launched the video calling feature because the company knew that in this times voice and text are not enough for users to communicate themselves. They also explained that the video calling feature was introduced for everyone to use it, not just those who can buy the most expensive smartphone.

According to Digital Trends, it is strange that the video calling feature didn't were released earlier, giving the fact that Facebook Messenger has had video calling from some time ago. In fact, its 1 billion users have been expecting the feature for years, which means that the messaging service could be living one of the best moments in its history, now that the best wish for its users has been conceded.

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