Microsoft Project Scorpio Is The Only True 4K Console; Like High-End PC Of Thousands?

Project Scorpio by Microsoft is slated to be the only gaming console to offer true native 4K gaming with VR support. Apparently, the specs on the recently revealed PS4 Pro by Sony are reportedly inadequate to showcase true 4K on a console. Microsoft is said to promise a more high-end PC-like gaming experience with its upcoming console.

The Xbox Head of Marketing Aaron Greenberg reportedly pointed to Project Scorpio as the most powerful console ever seen. Moreover, the console is also said to be comparable to a high-end PC that is worth thousands of dollars in the market. Greenberg further hinted at the Scorpio's specs as the only one to bring really true 4K with incredible visuals yet to be seen on a console.

Recently, Microsoft reportedly noted on one site that Project Scorpio is aiming higher specs than the PS4 Pro console. Apparently, the specs on the Pro are not enough to handle true 4K. It should be noted that Sony released the Pro with 4.2 teraflops. Microsoft reportedly noted that to deliver true 4K, at least 6 teraflops of power would be necessary. Virtual Reality is also expected to be featured in the upcoming console as the Pro already rolled out with VR support.

Meanwhile, Project Scorpio is widely speculated to be the future of Microsoft gaming on its Xbox and PC gaming platforms. Recently, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer reportedly revealed that the console is designed to power 4K games and offer high fidelity VR. Details are said to remain relatively streamlined for the time being.

Project Scorpio is also rumored to run UWP on Windows 10. Spencer reportedly noted that this has always been the company's vision for UWP. Furthermore, several games already got a taste of what the Scorpio has to offer with games like Gears of War 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Watch: Xbox Project Scorpio Will Run Microsoft Games at Native 4K - IGN News

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