Dota 2 News: Twitch Banned SingSing; The Reason Will Shock You

One of the most prolific Dota 2 professional player and streamer, WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen, was recently banned on Twitch for a reason that's deemed to be a "joke" by the community. As of the moment of this writing, Twitch has yet to remove the ban for SingSing which led to a public outcry from its followers. Let's take a look at the reason for the temporary ban of the retired Dota 2 player, SingSing.

Twitch Ban on SingSing

Numerous threads in the Dota 2 subreddit questioned the reason for Twitch's banning of SingSing's account. According to the streamer, he got banned for a total of 48 hours due to "grillbot" and Twitch emoticons. Most of his followers got frustrated for the simple fact that those emoticons which SingSing had used were all approved by Twitch itself. One of his fans even stated that the ban is ridiculous given those emoticons were officially approved by Twitch and therefore, are not an eligible ground for suspension. You can check the entire Reddit thread here.

The ban also came as a surprise considering that the Grillbot emoticon was already present on the Twitch chat for two years already. The ban also came without any prior warning from the customer service department which is quite unusual given how notorious streaming can get in Twitch. Nonetheless, many were baffled as to the reasoning behind the ban and if the 48-hour ban is just.

SingSing As a Full-time Streamer

It can be noted that after retirement, SingSing has gone into full-time streaming which is now his major source of income but with the latest update of the reporting system by Valve, not only is SingSing commonly seen in low-priority matches but he's greatly crippled by the fact his income has now declined due to poor reception by the audience in his low-priority matches. You can check the full details of Singsing's low-priority issue here.

What do you think of the recent Twitch ban of SingSing? Is it just? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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