Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Tips For Pokemon Game Beginners

Here we are, Pokemon trainers, it's been a day since the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon games that have been making waves for months. And finally, you all have your copies and you're probably already in the midst in catching your fourth or fifth Pokemon. But to those who are planning to buy yet or to those who are Pokemon game beginners, here are essential tips for you that will sure come handy.

No Right Choice in Picking A Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter

All three Starter Pokemon are actually good choices but note that they end up with different strengths in their final evolution. So if you choose the young owl, Rowlet, you'd end up with Decidueye as its final form which is a mixed attacker. But if you prefer a Starter Pokemon that has a high attack stat, you might as well go for Litten as it evolves into Incineroar. Popplio, the sea lion Pokemon, would be a great choice for you to start with in Pokemon Sun and Moon if you prefer a more balanced special attack and defense stats with Primarina as its final evolution.

Use the Pokemon Online Team Planner

Another important Pokemon Sun and Moon tip is to make sure you have planned out your team. To make sure you have chosen the best of the best Pokemon, use the free Pokemon Sun and Moon team planner.

Use the correct moves

As tipped by Kotaku, the most powerful Sun and Moon moves are those that align with the Pokemon's own typing. With "Same Type Attack Bonus" or STAB, you can get 50% more power; example, your Fire-type Pokemon utilizes a fire move. Also, if your Pokemon has high special attack then use more special moves. On the other hand, if it has a high attack stat, then use physical moves.

Capture multiple Pokemon of the same kind

Try catching many Pokemon of the same kind and then compare their stats and abilities. Then choose the ones with best stats.

Check your options

To see the options menu, press X and right on your D-pad. If you don't want to watch Pokemon Sun and Moon battle animations, turn them off.

Talk to everyone in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Remember, Pokemon Sun and Moon NPC will give you gifts when you talk to them. Some of them will give you quests so don't miss out!

Go to the café

Aside from the affordable drinks, you can get free heal items and Pokebeans as rewards so go to the café everyday.

Search Zygarde cubes

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, if you notice something that is shiny and floating, it's most likely a Zygarde cube. So go near it and press A to pick it up. If you are able to find a lot of these, there is a better chance for you to create a Zygarde form (a legendary).

Utilize Pokemon Pelago

Pokemon Pelago is a new Pokemon game feature that will allow you to develop islands where you can train, catch new Pokemon, and find items.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Wonder Trade

One of the fun things in Pokemon Sun and Moon is being able to blindly trade your Pokemon to get another Pokemon in return. Just go to Festival Plaza and choose "Trade" on the bottom of your screen.

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