Ditto Arrives Via New Pokemon GO Update? Transform Ability Explained

Believe it or not, but Pokemon GO is getting another update this week. It remains a mystery, however, what sort of things it'll bring. Nevertheless, a datamine was discovered, suggesting the very existence of Ditto in the still highly popular mobile game. And yes, these will definitely excite players on a whole new level!

As per the dataminers on The Silph Road, a certain code was added to Pokemon GO. This supposed code points to Ditto being added to the title, so players can finally catch it in the wild. In fact, special effects and graphic tweaks have also been discovered. These clues, in one way or another, could refer to the Pokemon's special ability could Transform.

It's worth noting that Ditto's arrival to Pokemon GO has long been in the rumor mill. In the past few weeks, players in the Reddit community were able to ferret out a couple of Easter eggs from the game's APK code. It's even safe to say that the Pokemon is already part of the game and that Niantic is just waiting for the right time to unleash it.

As for Ditto's Transform ability in Pokemon GO, the specifics still remain unknown. Nonetheless, based on the anime series, this Pokemon is able to transform itself to any Pokemon it wants. Think of it as a copy-like skill. This is among the reason why Niantic was believed to delay the release of the creature, as it can prove to be overpowered or something.

Apart from the aforementioned Pokemon GO monster, rumors also suggest that Shiny creatures will soon invade the game. This rooted from the data files recovered from the title. Surprisingly, they were labelled as "Shiny," seemingly confirming the Pokemon's forthcoming arrival. However, there are those who suggest that the studio might just be tweaking the game's graphics and/or map files.

There are speculations that the next major Pokemon GO update will happen in December. This will include the highly anticipated Legendary Pokemon along with Ditto. As previously reported here at iTech Post, a Starbucks employee revealed that Niantic and the coffee shop will have some sort of partnership. That in every Starbucks outlet, a Pokemon event will happen. Note that the same update is also believed to bring the Winter event.

What are your thoughts on Ditto being released to Pokemon GO? Are you excited for its arrival to the game? What are your expectations? Share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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