'Arrow' Season 5 Updates: 4-Way Crossover For 100th Episode To Feature The Return Of Black Canary And Deathstroke As Well

It has been confirmed that Barry Allen altering the timeline in "The Flash" has also affected the turn of events in the world of Oliver Queen in "Arrow." As the 100th episode of the latter is already coming close, it has been reported that some of the people that Oliver has lost in the past seasons will be coming back, but probably just to say goodbye again.

Oliver's Life In Flashpoint Universe To Be Featured In The Upcoming 100th Episode OF "Arrow;" Begins Most-Awaited Crossover

The most-awaited four-way crossover among "Arrow," "The Flash," "Supergirl," and "Legends of Tomorrow" is finally going to happen in a few days. The official synopsis for the upcoming episode has also been released, which features the return of Lauren Lance aka Black Canary. It appears that the world of Oliver Queen was also affected by the Flashpoint Universe, an alternate timeline that Barry created when he turned back time and saved his mother in "The Flash." In this universe, Oliver Queen was no longer the Green Arrow.

In Flashpoint, the ship that wrecked and changed Oliver's life forever didn't happen. He was not stuck in the island for five years, did not become a vigilante of Star City and the like. Instead, he lived a happy life together with Lauren, to whom he was engaged to in that timeline. Felicity Smoak was no longer in Oliver's life, and it turned out he was engaged to Ray Palmer, otherwise known as The Atom in the current timeline. Their lives are certainly as different as Barry's was, and it seems to be just a normal kind of life for all of them.

Stephen Amell Talks About The Difference IN Filming For Flashpoint Universe And No Longer The Green Arrow In It

When Stephen Amell was interviewed about the upcoming episode of "Arrow" in Flashpoint universe, he said that it was something else entirely compared to how they are used to doing things. It didn't feature any flashbacks and the like, instead it featured Oliver and the rest of the characters of the show living a normal, simple and happier life. This storyline thus begins the crossover among all the CW superhero shows.

Manu Bennett Confirms His Character's Return On "Arrow" As Deathstroke

Aside from the alternate loves that Oliver has experienced, it has also been confirmed that Deathstroke will be back on "Arrow" for its 100th episode. This was confirmed by actor Manu Bennett himself, saying that his return is going to be the answer that everyone has all been waiting for. As to whatever that is, it will be answered on November 30, 2016 when the most-awaited episode finally airs.

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