Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Catch Toxapex; The Most Broken Pokemon In The Seventh Generation

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Pokemon Sun and Moon players are clamoring to get their hands on the best Pokemon they could catch early in the game. One of the most overpowered and possibly broken Pokemon included in the seventh generation and the game is Toxapex. Here's a guide on why and how you can catch one.

Why Toxapex Is Broken In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Toxapex is a new Pokemon introduced with the seventh generation to Pokemon Sun and Moon. It's Poison/Water type with weaknesses to Ground, Electric, and Psychic, but otherwise have a lot of resistance, which is namely Fighting, Poison, Bug, Steel, Water, Ice, Fire, and Fairy. Toxapex can also dish out decent offensive moves and can perform well in a battle.

Toxapex is a very Tanky Pokemon with 152 in Defense and 142 in Sp. Defense. The rest of Toxapex's stats are not too high but his defense stats are incredibly so as compared to other Pokemon available in Pokemon Sun and Moon. But that is mainly icing on the proverbial overpowered cake; Toxapex's moveset states it can also learn the skill Recover.

Aside from being Tanky, they went ahead and gave Toxapex Recover, which lets it restore its own HP by half of its maximum HP. And if you breed a Toxapex, you can get Stockpile, which raises the user's Defense and Sp. Defense stats even more. Toxapex also has its signature move, Baneful Bunker, which protects it from attacks and poisons the Pokemon that made contact with it.

If you combine Baneful Bunker with Merciless, which is a skill that attacks the target with critical hits if the target is poisoned, you will be dishing out critical hits every time. Granted that Poison type and Steel type are immune to poison, we still have a filthy Pokemon on our hands nonetheless. You can counter Toxapex's weaknesses with Regenerator which restores 1/3 of its maximum HP when it switches out, so you can build a team around Toxapex to breeze through battles effectively.

How To Get Toxapex/Mareanie In Pokemon Sun And Moon

To get a Toxapex, you need to go find a Corsola in Route 9 by fishing on the only fishing spot there. Make sure you get Adrenaline Orbs because this has to be an SOS battle. Start fishing until you get a Corsola, use an Adrenaline Orb then proceed to use False Swipe on it.

False Swipe will force its HP down to one, at which point, Corsola will call for help. Kill all the Pokemon the will spawn until Corsola spawns a Mareanie. You can now catch this Mareanie after you've killed Corsola, level up the new Pokemon until it evolves into a Toxapex. Rumor has it that the longer you are on a chain, the higher the chance it is to spawn a Regenerator Mareanie but there's been no confirmation on that. If you want Mareanie for the Merciless, this is the easiest way to catch one in Pokemon Sun And Moon.

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