Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Catch Mimikyu And Get TM54 False Swipe

Mimikyu is the cutest and possibly the loneliest Pokemon who mimics Pikachu since it's jealous of its popularity. And frankly we all just need a friend, but Mimikyu's true form is said to give people a mysterious illness that's why they try to avoid it. But those select few who wish to have Mimikyu in their team, here's how to catch Mimikyu and also get the TM54 False Swipe.

How To Get TM54 False Swipe In Pokemon Sun And Moon

The TM54 False Swipe has been considered as one of the most important TMS that every aspiring Pokemon master considers as a must-have. It lets you catch Pokemon easily by avoiding a one hit kill and lets you decrease the wild Pokemon's health into 1 HP. This will avoid any accidental kills and will make your life a lot easier since the Pokemon will now be easier to catch at low health.

You'll be able to get TM54 False Swipe from Professor Kukui once you've completed the Grand Trial against the Kahuna in Iki Town. Once you've defeated the Kahuna, Professor Kukui will then give you the item TM54 False Swipe. Which is a very handy TM not just in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but the whole of Pokemon franchises spawned all throughout the decades.

How To Catch A Mimikyu In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Head over to the Thrifty Megamart in Ula'ula Island and try to find a Miimkyu. Catching a Mimikyu is surprisingly hard since it has a low spawn rate and an even lower catch rate. Since Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy type, False Swipe is not going to work so it's important to use 'Identify' on Mimikyu first. Still, Mimikyu's ability 'Disguise' will give you a hard time before you can successfully catch it.

It's a good strategy to use 'Draining Kiss' on Mimikyu to disable its 'Disguise.' Once 'Disguise' is disabled, it will now be susceptible to damage, and thus to 'False Swipe.' It's important to note that it's easier to catch Mimikyu during the night using a Dusk Ball. Trying to catch Mimikyu during the day in Pokemon Sun and Moon even with an Ultra Ball will give you a hard time.

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