Supercell Plans To Add VR Feature To Clash Of Clans?

The hype for Clash of Clans has once again been lit. This happened when talks about the December update surfaced online. Most players, of course, are expecting new features and whatnots to arrive. But hey, there's one that's stealing the spotlight. Call it crazy, but rumor has it that the mobile game will introduce a VR feature.

In the official YouTube channel of the game, 360 degrees videos (one is embedded below the article) have been uploaded. One particular footage is where players are being put in the very eyes of the Hog Rider. And as the character dashes through the opponent's Town Hall, the beholder sees everything that the troop can see.

Somehow, in one way or another, this could mean or refer to something. There's the possibility of Supercell introducing a VR feature to Clash of Clans. Sure, the studio has yet to make an official announcement; however, one can't deny the fact that the aforementioned video can be deemed as an Easter egg.

It's worth noting that other 360 degrees videos about the game are also uploaded to the said channel. In fact, the other footage involves a giant attacking the player (who's using the view of the troop). While VR can be an interesting addition, it might just defeat the purpose of the title being a mobile game.

Also, Clash of Clans players, if there's truth to these rumors, will have to buy themselves a VR device or headset. That means putting money out from their pockets, wallets and/or banks. But hey, it's still a worthy device to buy.

Adding VR to Supercell's mobile game wouldn't be a scary thing to have. It wouldn't really hurt the title at all. Heck, it might even drew more players to play it. However, the studio needs to determine just how they're going to introduce such. Let alone how they're going to integrate the feature to a game that's being played in a mobile device.

What are your thoughts on Clash of Clans having a VR capability? Are you okay with such feature? Either way, be sure to share to us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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