The Swimmer Is Now The Hottest Pokemon Sun And Moon Character

In Pokemon Sun and Moon -- and other Pokemon games -- the term evolution isn't an entirely new thing. All players know exactly what it means and how it works. But hey, this isn't really the case with Nintendo's newest games. For anyone who've encountered the Swimmer, they'll notice a significant change. He's now a hot guy -- every woman's typical boy next door sort of thing.

According to Kotaku, in previous Pokemon games, male swimmers have always worn the usual swimming goggles and caps. And since the conception of Pokemon Red and Blue, these dudes have stayed the same all throughout. Talk about consistency, right?

But this isn't the story of Pokemon Sun and Moon, as the swimmer evolved into a new one. He doesn't wear a cap anymore, and he looks more masculine than ever. Think of it as someone that is a regular in the Baywatch T.V show. Or perhaps, a regular guy who loves exercising and getting his sweats out.

And yes, players all over the world seems to be in celebration. In a tweet from Clint Fox, he deems the swimmer as "the most masculine in the series." But wait, the way Nintendo program him to have a pose (check out the embedded tweet below) like that is way sweeter.

Other Pokemon Sun and Moon players appreciate the studio for doing such. That even a tiny detail or a character of less importance was given a buff. And oh, some has even fallen in love to the guy's newly found charisma. Looks like the developers just know how to please the community, eh? Good job, Nintendo!

What are your thoughts on the swimmer in Pokemon Sun and Moon? Do you also like the new look he received? Any suggestions you can give in terms of his appearance? Be sure to share with us your thoughts at the comment section below!

Pokemon Sun and Moon are currently available in all versions of Nintendo 3DS.

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