Resident Evil 7 Update: Xbox One To PC Cross-Save Feature Confirmed

Capcom has confirmed recently that the upcoming horror game Resident Evil 7 will add a new feature called Cross-Save that will allow Xbox One and PC versions to have a shared play data. With the release date of the most-anticipated game is fast approaching, fans are actively participating on the news and updates that the company will be releasing to keep themselves inform at all times. With the latest announcement from Capcom, it seems like both Xbox One and PC players will be excited for the Cross-Save feature between the two platforms.

According to the report from Game Rant, the news was first seen from the Japanese Site Dengki which reported the said feature being included to the game. The report also states that the Windows Store can now share play data with the Xbox One version. On the other hand, IGN has declared that the game's developer and publisher Capcom has recently spoke-up and confirmed the cross-save prior to the reveal.

Based on the report, with the addition of the cross-save feature between Xbox One and PC, fans are now wondering if Resident Evil 7 would be part of the Xbox One's Play Anywhere program due to the nature of having a shared data across two platforms. However, neither Microsoft nor Capcom have made any confirmation regarding this matter.

Nonetheless, it is worthy to note that Microsoft's Xbox One Head, Phil Spencer announces last month that Play Anywhere will feature third party games in time. That means, Resident Evil 7 could possibly among those non-Xbox exclusives to be part of the program.

Meanwhile, with the introduction of cross-save feature between Xbox One and PC, it seems like PlayStation fans are not being left out in experiencing these unique features. As it happens, PlayStation fans had experienced the game's VR mode first-hand with the PS4 timed-exclusive. In addition, the Beginning Hour Demo has also been available exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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