Watch Dogs 2 Guide: How To Hack Real Players And Avoid Getting Busted

Here are ways not to get busted by other players in Watch Dogs 2. Hiding in plain sight is the key so read on to find out how to do it in style here. Photo : YouTube / Vikkstar123

Multiplayer makes a comeback in Watch Dogs 2. The game now introduces a cooperative multiplayer mode that seems seemless. Here, players can interact with random online players where they can explore and complete missions together. One of the exciting modes on multiplayer is online invasion which is a one-versus-one competition in a game of 'hide and hack'. The game works by either invading another player or being randomly invaded. 

If you are being invaded, you need to locate the invader and kill him/her. If you're the one doing the invasion, you need to locate the target, upload your virus, and escape. Here are some tips that can give you the upper hand.

Blend-in with San Francisco

One of the biggest mistakes when playing hack a hacker in Watch Dogs 1 and 2 is that the players don't know how to blend in. Even though other players see you as a civilian, the way you act will be pretty obvious once it strays off whatever all other NPCs are doing.

Do not run around like an idiot, or hid in a car while hacking. The technique I use here is to steadily walk at a pace just like the NPCs. I also go with herds of people if possible. In Watch Dogs 2, you can customize your clothes so this means you can stand out from the crowd with what you are wearing - which is not advisable on multiplayer. 

Observe what the NPCs are wearing and blend with them. If you use a vehicle, go for blandly designed cars, and avoid giveaways like DedSec decals. And drive like an AI, crashing into stuff like lamp posts gives away your position. Become San Francisco, blend in.

Drones will Reveal the Owner's Location

Watch Dogs 2 offers awesome drones but using them in multiplayers is a big risk. It can be used to your advantage and at the same time increase your risk of being spotted. Players would look out for drones since it's pretty obvious and NPCs don't use drones either.

The problem comes in when another player spots your drone. Hacknet can link you and your drone via a red line. So if you are playing with players who already know this trick, then good luck with that quad-copter of yours. If you really like drones in multiplayer sessions then you should be smart enough to activate and hide them in plain sight.

This is a Waiting Game

Watch Dogs 2 offers you as much time as you need to locate your target and hack him/her so be smart to use it. Hacking in real life takes time too, it's not a rushed game of tag. This is very useful when there's not much environment to blend in so you need to literally hide. Do not be afraid to use that time allowance to just chill and wait for the right time to attack. One good way to pass the time is to play tricks such as calling 911 on people around them.

Be as Creative as You Can

If all else of the above fails, it's better if you are creative enough to adapt into a worst case scenario. For instance the other player is getting close to you, be creative enough to still act as an NPC while invading your predator. Switching in between two possible spots also help since the other player will least likely to check again the area he/she just swept.

Don't Forget Your Escape Route

Always survey the surroundings for the best route out of there in case the other player spots you. It only takes a second from detection to tagging you so the best thing you can do if that happens is to run like hell. Personally I'd just park a motorcycle on a convenient location and scoot if I have to.

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