Dark Souls Franchise To Find Its Way In Virtual Reality; How To Remedy Nausea Due To Constant Tumbling

VR Souls 3 All Bosses w/ Oculus Rift (Pt. 1)
This year is the dawn of VR gaming and it seems that all current AAA games are jumping into the bandwagon in and become VR games. Photo : YouTube / Lobos Jr

A report says that Dark Souls 3 producer Atsuo Yoshimura seemingly suggest that Dark Souls is coming to VR and the project is currently in the works. Yoshimura also added that their company, From Software, 'hopes' to introduce the whole franchise into VR headsets. Now, we're talking. Dark Souls is incredible in big screens, this game might make me decide to get a VR headset, if it's that good.

In over 5 years, fans of the ever difficult action RPG franchise Dark Souls have been creative enough to show people the unconventional ways to play the game, despite it being very difficult in the first place. There's this one case that a guy beat Dark Souls just by voice commands, another one beat the game by handling the controller with feet. Some players even beat Dark Souls 3 with a Guitar Hero accessory and a dance pad respectively. This just means players can't simply get enough of the game and if the series is to be officially launched in VR, it would make an instant hit.

With that said, fan excitement rises again as From Software could be on to something with Dark Souls in terms of means on how to play the game. During a pre-show stream at the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards, producer Atsuo Yoshimura was asked by Julia Hardy (host) a plethora of questions: about his take on VR, if he is for or against it, if he likes the idea, and will Dark Souls be in VR. His reply would be, "Errr yes....we're hoping, we're hoping," implying with a tone that Dark Souls VR is in the works.

This will not be a surprise as Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanimura has also said that the series would do well with VR headsets. The developer's next project would have Dark Souls on PlayStation VR support. No word yet if Dark Souls in VR would be sequels and From Software is currently working on other projects so it's most probable that the upcoming Dark Souls titles for VR would be re-engineered versions of those that were already released.

How Nausea Could Be Prevented for Dark Souls VR

Rolling your character a million times during battles in Dark Souls games has become its trademark. This is why it will be of much concern when playing the game in first person via VR. Tumbling that much would cause Nausea and vomiting. The game could borrow Bloodborne's way of evading things. A dash could replace rolling and we've seen it work on Dishonored 2 - not primarily used for evasion but you get the idea of how it might look like.

Dark Souls VR could help the VR industry since it is a very big name when it comes to gaming. With that said and if it's successful, other companies would follow, giving more bloom to the industry. What are your thoughts on Dark Souls officially being brought to VR? Would you like to experience all the difficult and frustrating levels again? Hit us with your thoughts via the comments section below. Keep it here, keep gaming.

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