Clash Royale Update: Complete Balance Changes; Mega Minion Nerf and Comeback of Poison and Elixir Pump?

Supercell has just announced an upcoming balance changes in Clash Royale by the end of November. The update is focused on balancing the most commonly used cards in the game as well as addressing the cards that are no longer being used and bringing them back into the meta. To give you a heads up for the upcoming changes, here's the full list of Clash Royale November 30 Update:

Clash Royale Update Overview

The new update brings some new balance changes that will either excite or disappoint you. But at the end of the day, you would have already expected the changes that are coming into play right now particularly the nerf on Mega Minion and one of the most used defensive Towers in the game, the Tombstone.

Mega Minion
Hit Speed reduced from 1.3s to 1.4s
Damage decreased by 6%

Aside from the reduce attack speed, Mega Minion also got an overall damage decrease which affects the troop's DPS overall. These nerfs however, were to be expected considering that the Mega Minion is deemed to be one of the most efficient 3-Elixir cards in the game. Mega Minion is also one of the most overused troops in the competitive game. With the nerf, this opens a lot more diverse decks in the game.

Spawn speed decreased from 2.5s to 2.9s

Tombstone alongside the Inferno Tower are the most highly picked defensive buildings in the game. Tombstone in particular, provides efficient elixir trades against siege troops particularly against Giants and/or Golems. Now, the new nerf effectively reduce the total amount of Skeletons that the Tombstone will produce by two.

Lava Pup
HP decreased by 1%

This is just a trivial nerf that's so trifling; it wouldn't make any significant impact towards Lava Hound decks.

Elixir Collector
Lifetime reduced from 80s to 70s
Production speed increased from 9.8s to 8.5

Elixir Collector was heavily nerfed in the last October update and so Supercell hopes to bring it back into the meta. Although the buff wouldn't make it a hot pick once again, it will surely put the card back in some of the high cost decks.

Damage increased by 10%

Another victim of the last October update is the Poison spell which, after the nerf, was completely removed from the meta. Now, Supercell is trying to bring back the viability of Poison spell but in all honesty, it takes a lot more than damage increase to make the card great again.

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