Final Fantasy 15 Will Come With 4K Support Running At 60 FPS

PlayStation 4 Pro has just been released and with its 4K and HDR support, game developers are now moving towards accompanying effective 4K support on their respective titles. One of them is the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 which is set to be released this coming Nov. 29. According to Square Enix, the new iteration of the FF franchise will soon have two modes in which one of them will have 4K running at 60 FPS.

Final Fantasy 15 HDR Compatibility

Final Fantasy 15 is the newest installment of the Final Fantasy series. Just like its predecessor, it is an open-world RPG which sets players into the world of Eos. The battle-system of the game closely resembles to that of Kingdom Hearts series where you have the ability to switch equipment particularly weapons and elements during battle. One of the amazing factors of the newest installment is its surreal environment and astonishing gameplay which will be seen in the video down below. Square Enix has stated that the game will have two modes: one will run at native 1080p with at least 60 FPS (developers say it'll be fully unlocked in the future).

Final Fantasy 15 4K Compatibility

The next mode, which is still under development - and hopefully will arrive by the time it officially launch, is the upscaling of the game to run at native 4K resolution at 60 FPS. Currently, the game is able to run at native 4K using rendering mode but is still locked at 30 FPS. Square Enix stated that depending on the progress, the game may have or may not have the FPS lock by the time of its launching. But they hinted that with the progress they're making, it'll probably take around mid-December to fully run the game in 4K resolution at 60 FPS. Gearnuke stated that developers have a plan to release a patch in December to stabilize the game's FPS in PlayStation 4 Pro.

Final Fantasy 15 Free Demo

Aside from the 4K and HDR feature, there's great news for Final Fantasy fans out there as Square Enix confirmed that Final Fantasy 15 free demo will be released tomorrow in Japan. As of the moment, Square Enix has yet to confirmed worldwide released but with all of the anticipation from its growing community, it'll probably be just a matter of when. With regards to the free demo, you can check out here for full details.

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