Everything You Should Know Before Getting Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 is only days away from its official launching and both new and existing fans are looking forward for the new epic installment of the franchise. But before you get the latest iteration of Final Fantasy, let's first take a look at the highlights of the game and see if it's really well worth it.

Final Fantasy 15 Overview

Final Fantasy 15 Has Self-Contained Story

One of the highlights of Final Fantasy 15 is that it has a self-contained story which means that the story itself has its own contents and thus, from a player's perspectives, the game doesn't require you to play the previous titles in order to grasp the whole concept of Final Fantasy 15 universe.

Final Fantasy 15 is Completely Open-World

Another big highlight for Final Fantasy 15 is that the game is entirely open-world unlike its previous titles where we all have a miniature of "world map" which we can look upon to see our current position. In this game, it's entirely open-world full of surreal visuals and landscapes - which Final Fantasy is also famous of.

Final Fantasy 15: Real-Time Combat System

Square Enix definitely made huge steps coming into the conception of Final Fantasy 15 especially with its real-time combat system that according to PlayStation Access, is now "properly real-time." The game combines traditional material system and real-time combat system like that of modern MMORPG to create an impressive combat system like no other.

Final Fantasy 15 is a Game like No Other

Lastly, Final Fantasy 15 is a mix of JRPG and Western RPG in the sense that the game presents an articulate storytelling and adventures to its audience, which JRPGs are known for, and also has this real-time combat system that offers diverse style of gameplay which the Western RPGs are also known for. Final Fantasy 15 is a beautiful mix of the two which makes it even more unique from the other RPGs out there.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to debut this coming Nov. 29 in both PlayStaion 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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