Ubisoft Gives Away Assassin's Creed 3 For Free On PC This December

Assassin's Creed 3 for the PC will be given away for free this month as part of Ubisoft's celebration for its 30th anniversary. Every month starting June, they have given away free games. And this month it's all about the third title for one of the longest action-adventure type video game franchise that involves stealth and a lot of assassinations.

Ubisoft's promotion to celebrate their 30 years of existence started with Prince of Persia, followed by Splinter Cell for July, Rayman Origins on August, The Crew last September, Beyond Good and Evil for October, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon last month. Interested parties will need to have an active Ubisoft Club account to enjoy the benefits.

For those who don't know yet, Assassin's Creed is said to be Ubisoft's biggest franchise in their entire existence. First appeared to the public at E3 2006, the series puts the player in the middle of an ancient and ongoing fictional war between Assassins and Templars. Assassins are a group of people who simply want to be free and Templars want to implement new world order.

Both factions have been fighting for centuries, which feature different characters based on actual history per era. From the Italian Renaissance to Russian revolution, players would meet these different historical icons and a task of siding with them or assassinating them is asked by the game. In present time, the Templars collect ancient artifacts called the Pieces of Eden which is said to have the ability for massive mind control.

A Templar corporation known as Abstergo developed a state-of-the-art memory projection system that takes its images from a subject's DNA. The company has been digging history from the said DNA to trace and locate the lost artifacts.

Assassin's Creed III will let players be a Native American assassin, who will experience the truth behind the American Revolution.

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